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In Barbados, their festivals are one of the ways in which they celebrate their unique culture. Visiting during any of the following will add fun to your holiday and allow you to share in the Barbadian way.

So looking to 2013, the great festival calendar starts with the Jazz festival in January.
Then from 10th February, a week of the Holetown festival, showcasing Barbados traditions – it is a celebration of the arrival into Holetown of the first settlers in February 1627. It’s a fun place to wander around, watch some performances, eat great local food, shop for local crafts etc.

A less well-known festival but one I’m certainly looking forward to is the Celtic Festival Barbados, held in 2013 between May 23rd and May 29th. Professional musicians from Ireland, Scotland and Wales playing at various venues across the island. A very exciting festival sharing some of the Celtic links with Barbados. Music, food and beautiful sunshine!

Then of course, the renowned Cropover festival, often mentioned on this blog, in July and into August. As it sounds, this is the equivalent of a Harvest festival and a wonderful traditional celebration on the island. Closer to the time, I will post a calendar of the highlights.

And dates yet to be announced, but another up and coming festival that gets rave reviews! The Barbados food, wine and rum festival in november. I’ll let you know!

Call us at Barbados Travel Deals 0845 6435 606/01977 524235. We can tell you about all that’s going on during your holiday.

I’m regularly asked about the cost of eating out in Barbados. My view is that it is as expensive or as cheap as you’d like. The restaurants always highlighted are the fine dining more costly restaurants, such as The Cliff, more about the wonderful ambience and experience. Yes, dining in such places may well be hundreds of pounds but you can go and savour the experience over a cocktail or two instead.

I am still in the anti-All Inclusive in Barbados brigade, but simply because Barbados does not offer the huge All Inclusives like Mexico, Dominican Republic etc, where you don’t really leave your enormous ‘compound’. Despite this, in Barbados Mango Bay and Crystal Cove are firm favourites and Turtle Beach and Casuarina are all great All Inclusive options if you have kids or want to fix your budget.

But Barbados is about the island. Barbados Travel Deals will advise on cheaper places to eat, the street vendors, the ‘white van’ vendors, the fish fries (Oistins in particular) and the supermarkets offering wonderful cooked local food. Alcohol is cheap if you stick to their (light) Banks beer and Mount Gay or Cockspur rum. You don’t need bottled water as Barbados has one of the cleanest water supplies in the world (filtered naturally through limestone) but don’t take my word on that – I just always drink tap water there. Groceries are costly at the supermarket, but it is an island and so most is imported. Look for local foodstuffs and give it a go.

Come to us at Barbados Travel Deals and we will offer plenty of advice and then once booked, we will send you all the information you may need to suit your needs.

Is the hype over The Cliff restaurant in Barbados warranted? As with anything, if you’re going somewhere expecting it to be the best dining experience you’ve ever had, you may be setting yourself up to be disappointed. However, generally the minimal gripes are people unprepared to pay that bit extra on their luxury Barbados holiday. The setting is so stunning, the service delivers the extra couple of miles, the food is beautiful, but it’s how The Cliff puts all together and creates an ambience that is somehow world class.

There are people who dine at The Cliff regularly but for most of us it is for a memorable special occasion or a one-time treat on holiday. It is an experience to savour, to feel special on that special Barbados holiday, to enjoy top class style in a surprisingly casual atmosphere.

In Derrick’s in St James parish, The Cliff can be found roughly in between Crystal Cove to it’s south and Tamarind to the north.
Put a little money aside and treat yourselves! Here at Barbados Travel Deals, we will be happy to make a reservation for you if you want to plan ahead.

Do flying fish actually fly? It does kinda look that way as these Barbados flying fish shoot out of the water and glide for thirty metres or more! Wonderful to watch; flying fish in Barbados have become a national emblem and are a big part of the Bajan diet and a regular offering to Barbados tourists. Flying fish cutters (sandwiches) – a must have when on your luxury Barbados holidays.

Of course there is a wealth of variety of fish in Barbados, particularly dolphin, red snapper, barracuda, kingfish and tuna. When on your luxury Barbados holidays prepare to be told a hundred times that dolphin is not ‘Flipper’ – Bajans love telling you this as their dolphin is a lovely (albeit not pretty-looking) fish, not a friendly porpoise.

Watch the Barbados fishermen at work down at Oistins village or up north of Almond Beach Village hotel near Speightstown.

View luxury Barbados holidays and luxury Barbados villas at Barbados Travel Deals.

Facebook message is currently plugging a Barbados beach barbecue buffet on the south coast of Barbados. I’m with them. This is special.

Lanterns by John Hazard is the signature restaurant of a (twice) Caribbean Chef of the Year and is one of the restaurants found at the Barbados Bougainvillea Beach Resort, an up-market luxury Barbados hotel located on the Barbados south coast.

Monday night’s Beach Barbeque Buffet with live steel-pan entertainment is £20 plus service charge.

Reservations are recommended, Tel: 420-244.

Be there soon after 7pm.

Call for more information or to enquire about Barbados late availability / Barbados late deals from Barbados Travel Deals, the Barbados holiday specialists.

The wonderful Patisserie and Bistro Flindt on the corner of 1st Street, Holetown, Barbados, has just re-opened. Patisserie and Bistro Flindt is known for so much more than it’s amazing pastries, although their breakfasts of the most delicious croissants, breads and pastries with coffee, is another ‘not-to-be-missed’ experience if on the west coast of Barbados. The Bistro Flindt offers cooked breakfasts, a bistro-style lunch and now serves Supper on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Canapes, Salads, Sushi, sandwiches, cold pastas, home-made burgers and a variety of savouries, cakes and desserts eaten at the friendly location where there is a small indoor dining area and a small outdoor patio. Patisserie & Bistro Flindt also provides exceptional wedding cakes and offers takeaway delights in the form of a picnic basket. 

Close to Mango Bay hotel Barbados, head to Bistro Flindt for a sumptuous breakfast or after lunch in Holetown, save a little bit of space to pick up a piece of cheesecake or chocolate mousse.  Bistro Flindt is exceptional when looking for good food in Barbados / eating out in Barbados / dining in Barbados / when looking for Barbados cuisine.

Contact us at Barbados Travel Deals for more information about luxury Barbados holidays or if you would like more information and to chat informally about Barbados / Barbados holidays or Barbadian cuisine.

Cuz’s Fish Shack is now getting a name for arguably the best fish cutter (cutter = sandwich) on Barbados. Our friend Cuz stayed with us in England a couple of years ago, and was then looking to expand his products. His fish shack is at Needham’s point, right beside the Hilton Barbados and on the beachside.

Go for the Blue Marlin cutter, it is wonderful. If not too health conscious and very hungry, have it with ‘the works’ so that on top of your salad and pickled gherkins, you’ll have cheese, fried egg and mayo in plenty, but a simple Blue Marlin steak with a little salad is fabulous. With a Banks beer (Bajan local beer), you have the perfect Barbados holiday lunch.

Drop by on your travels and say Hi from Clare and Bee!

The food in Barbados is superb with copious options for those on a budget together with the more pricy fine dining restaurants. Many fine dining restaurants in Barbados can be found in some of the luxury Barbados hotels that are featured on Barbados Travel Deals. Call us for an informal chat if you wish to know more about Barbados or how to best plan your luxury Barbados holidays.

I’ve spoken of chicken stew and macaroni pie and of puddin’ and souse as traditional Bajan cuisine. Another big favourite tradition in Barbados is coucou with flying fish. Coucou is like a polenta, usually made out of okras with cornmeal – soft or set – but can be made from breadfruit.

Whilst the Barbados flying fish (yes, they really do look like they’re flying!) are available to tourists all over the island of Barbados, the Barbados locals find them a little more expensive nowadays as they moved towards the warmer waters closer to Trinidad.

As one social commentator has been singing for many years “Trini, Trini, Trini, bring back our coucou and flying fish”.

Try the blackened flying fish for lunch at The Fishpot at Little Good Harbour, in St Peter’s on the West Coast of Barbados for a fine example of Bajan cuisine at its best.

The Little Good Harbour can be booked at Barbados Travel Deals, call us now for an informal chat about Barbados and Barbados holidays.

I’ve already spoken of the Jill Walker gift shops dotted across the island, but Barbados is considered a shopping paradise for those looking for their duty-free jewellery. Wander down Broad Street in Bridgetown for your stores with their duty-free diamonds! You’ll also find the department stores and the boutiques.

But generally, what do we always bring home with us?  - A Caribbean rum cake or two to share with friends, the local Mount Gay rum, and often some hot pepper sauce (nothing quite like it).

Ask us where to shop. We can point you in the direction of some local stores that sell rum cakes / Caribbean rum cake and may well share their own home made rum cake recipe with you!

You can book your Barbados holidays with us knowing you have not only the best deal but most importantly one to one expert advice.  We can advise on hotel / villa selection, the best resorts, fine dining restaurants and much more.

I’m embarrassed that my clients are telling me about Lemon Arbour in St John as a great place to try special Bajan food during your Barbados holidays

My mother-in-law loved, loved, loved traditional Pudding and Souse (Puddin’ ‘n Souse). We used to go to various people’s houses to get it for her. She used to laugh at my face as she enjoyed her little treat.

Basically Pudding and Souse is one of many delicious Bajan recipes consisting of sweet potato with lime-pickled pig parts. It’s the pig parts that put this delicate child off. Traditional souse used the feet, ear, tongue, etc. of the pig and to my mind, you could see them!

However, delicate children do grow up and lean souse, on offer at Lemon Arbour, uses lean pieces of pork instead and is unbelievably yummy. Try the cou-cou with pork stew, barbecue pig tails (yes, really), pickled sea cat (octopus), baked chicken and macaroni pie.

If you are a lover of good food, Bajan food is wonderful with some delicious Bajan recipes. Try something different! If not in a cab, get good driving directions!

For great Barbados holidays and excellent deals call Barbados Travel Deals

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