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I often get asked this question and the truth is that you can travel to Barbados any time of year. There are however, various compromises that you may need to make. The weather is changing worldwide, and so these are generalisations based on many decades of historical measurement, but no guarantees. That said, in terms of the weather, the best months are still January through to April, as they are the least rainy and the least humid, and they tend to be a couple of degrees Centigrade cooler than other times of year. The official hurricane season for the whole region is June to November, with any potential major storms occurring between August and October. This doesn’t stop families pouring in during the summer holidays from around the world – possibly because it is understood that Barbados, being the most easterly island in the Caribbean, means that it usually escapes direct hits. If you travel in the late summer or autumn, there is a much higher likelihood of rain.

I’ll admit that one trip in September a few years ago, we had three full days of torrential rain. My husband (Bajan) had never seen anything like it. Having said that, we still had an amazing time and I have never had feedback from any of my September Clients (or even family living in Barbados) which has matched our exceptional trip. So don’t let this put you off September as it is humid and potentially rainy but it has it’s advantages. Price! and if you want a quieter trip, most of the travelling families have gone back to work and school.

So price, well the weather plays an enormous part (along with UK holidays of course). Christmas and New Year are premium prices for flights and accommodation – very much so, as it is such a wonderful place to be for the season. The top hotels are full very early in the year. Flights are taken up well ahead of time, leaving the more expensive seats for late-comers, if at all. Still worth trying if you’re interested. If there is any availability, Barbados Travel Deals will find it. Hotel and Villa rates are also much higher from mid-December to mid-April than at other times of year.

May is a great time to travel as the weather is still lovely and the prices have started to drop significantly. June prices are some of the best, with a slight risk of rain. If you want to go in the winter without the huge cost, November and early December are good. If school holidays are a must, then the May half term will be more cost-effective than the Christmas, Easter or summer holidays.

The only other thing to consider is that the quiet months of September and October are often the time that hotels use to close and renovate and some restaurants and bars may be closed. It is true, but I’ve never found it to be a problem. If there’s somewhere you really want to visit, just ask us and we can tell you if it’s open or not.

That’s it for now. Just call us at Barbados Travel Deals on 0845 6434 606 or 01977 524235 or email at to get some further advice or options for different dates.

If you want to spend Christmas and/or New Year in Barbados, you need to sort it now! There are very very limited flights around the critical times and sometimes you will have to pay extra to get an Upper Class seat just to get you there!

If you call me at Barbados Travel Deals, I can check all available options and if not Barbados for your dates, look at other options in St Lucia, Grenada or other similar to get you the holiday you’re hoping for.

Please consider now. Don’t leave it any longer as these islands – particularly Barbados – are incredibly popular (and sadly expensive) for this wonderful holiday time!

I hate disappointing people and have so many Clients getting disappointed because their exact flight dates are not available and they have to compromise.

Let Barbados Travel Deals get you the Christmas and/or New Year that you’re dreaming of. Call 0845 6434 606 or 01977 524235 asap.

Good news for Northerners flying to Barbados.

British Airways increased its weekly number of flights to Barbados to twelve earlier this year.

In November, Virgin will be adding a second weekly flight from Manchester to Barbados.  This will be wonderful for people like us living in Leeds wanting to go on Barbados holidays from the north.

It enables Barbados holidays using Barbados direct flights of differing durations other than 7 or 14 days – often helpful for those travelling on to the Grenadines too.

Barbados holidays remain highly popular – as you can tell with the added flights to Barbados – but here at Barbados Travel Deals, we can always find you that quiet area to relax away from the crowds. The quieter Barbados boutique hotels and the secluded Barbados beaches that the crowds don’t get to.

The Barbados Tourism Authority works hard to encourage both newcomers and repeat customers, with new events and attractions for all in Barbados.  So call us on 0845 6434 606 for more information and get the best deal on your Barbados holidays.

People who are first-timers on wonderful Barbados holidays know that there are Barbados direct flights from Manchester as well as Gatwick – yes, only Gatwick for London.

Anyone looking for Barbados direct flights from the UK email us with dates, preferably flying from Manchester and their dates are often Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.

Gatwick flies every day – both BA and Virgin – direct to Barbados.

Manchester has recently changed its one day of the week to Monday – again BA and Virgin – Barbados direct flights.

So don’t forget that if you’re looking at 10 day Barbados holidays and you live in the North of the UK, and you want direct flights to Barbados, then you need to either change your length of stay or consider a Gatwick depart or return.

The issue comes up regularly. I live in Leeds and so Manchester is a must and I know that I have to have 7 or 14 days holiday in Barbados or linking Grenadines’ islands.

The other thing to note for new Barbados travellers, is that you always fly on your return journey late afternoon from Barbados, which is great, but it means that you ALWAYS land back in the UK very early the NEXT morning i.e. Monday to Monday holiday from Manchester arrives back early morning on Tuesday.

Trust me, it’s hard to go into work, unless you’ve had a fab sleep on the plane (unlikely, even for the upper class seats) so you need that extra day to recover from your Barbados holidays.

Call us on 0845 6434 606 and we will try to get the best Barbados direct flights for your needs.

One of the big positives about Barbados holidays is the direct flights to Barbados from the UK. 

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fly direct to Barbados from Gatwick daily and Virgin Atlantic flying direct to Barbados from Manchester every Monday.  It makes the journey to Barbados so easy and makes a great start to your Barbados holidays

Barbados also acts as a hub for other Caribbean islands within the South East Caribbean as it has a great inter-island network; for example, to get to Palm Island in the Grenadines, you would fly direct to Barbados and link to a 40/45 min flight to Union Island where you would be collected by boat and subsequently a 10 minute ride to Palm Island. Flying to and around Barbados is made seamless for you.

Ask at Barbados Travel Deals for more information on accessing hideaway islands from Barbados. Enquire about our luxury Barbados hotels or private Barbados villas which cater for couples to large groups. As we only deal in Barbados holidays and the Grenadines we have tremendous knowledge of the island and what’s more, we used to live there so have firsthand experience to share with you!

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