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Get married in Barbados!

Barbados makes it so easy for you to get married in Barbados. No need for residing on the island for any time before the marriage vows. You just need to get your marriage licence for Barbados. Plenty of churches and miles and miles of beach or cliffs over beaches to give you your romantic spot, and the perfect wedding in Barbados. Legal requirements for weddings in Barbados are at a minimum and there are plenty of luxury hotels in Barbados which will offer Barbados wedding services or Barbados wedding planners to make your wedding in Barbados easy and extra-special, OR simply ask Barbados Travel Deals what the options are with your luxury wedding in Barbados and let us make the arrangements for you.

Lots of people dream of holidays in the Grenadines but few actually know where exactly the Grenadines are. The thirty-two little islands of the Grenadines with just nine inhabited, including St. Vincent, Bequia and Mustique, Young Island and Palm Island are all Grenadines islands that are available for booking with Barbados Travel Deals.  I thought I’d post a map of the Grenadines / Grenadines map to show you all the popular locations for luxury Grenadines holidays. Barbados sits to the east of the Grenadines, St Lucia to the north of the Grenadines and Grenada to the south of the Grenadines isles.


A fabulously different way to spend Christmas, and specifically Christmas in the Caribbean. Leaving from St. Maarten on 22nd December 2012, travelling around the Leeward Islands on the Star Clipper yacht from £ 1099 pp.

Saturday     Philipsburg, St.Maarten

Sunday       Charlestown, Nevis 

Monday      Cabrits, Dominica

Tuesday      Terre-de-Haut, Iles des Saintes

Wednesday Grande Anse, Guadeloupe

Thursday     Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Friday          Gustavia, St.Barts

Saturday      Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Costa Rica and Panama on the Star Flyer, the Treasure Islands over New Year on the Star Clipper, all great options for the Caribbean Christmas holidays season, with great deals from Barbados Travel Deals.

See Barbados Travel Deals for other Royal Clipper cruise / Star Clipper cruise in and around Barbados.

Okay, here’s somewhere I haven’t been yet but have been told whilst on numerous visits / Barbados holidays that we should visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

It’s on my list for this year’s visit to Barbados.

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is in Speightstown, St. Peter’s, where apparently you can get up close with the animals; namely Tropical birds, brocket deer, agouti, armadillo, pelicans and caimans. Highlights are the Barbados red-footed tortoises wandering around and the Barbados green monkeys, known to be pretty light-fingered if they see something they can snatch from you and run.  Very few animals are caged at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve (as the name suggests) which sounds perfect.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve is open from 10am to 5pm daily with feeding times during the afternoon.

I’ll update after September. If anyone can add their experiences of the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, please do.

Call us for more information and availability on luxury Barbados holidays together with other ideas for Barbados excursions / Barbados tours.

Sunbury Plantation House has a long and rich history going back to the 1660s. A nasty fire back in 1995 tried to destroy a lot of the wonderful Sunbury Plantation House but its owners lovingly restored it back to its former glory. A Barbados plantation house built with walls over two feet thick, made of coral blocks and ballast stones taken from the old Barbadian ships which transported the Barbadian sugar to England. Sunbury Plantation House houses one of the best collections of antiques in Barbados, including carriages and machinery and many items used way back in the domestic life on the Plantation in Barbados.

Sunbury Plantation House can be found in the middle of the beautiful St Philip countryside and is well worth a visit, with lunch or tea at the Courtard Restaurant in Barbados.

Here at Barbados Travel Deals, we are specialist in all things Barbados including Barbados holidays so call now and speak to a Barbados holiday specialist for more information on Barbados tours / Barbados excursions and also luxury Barbados holidays.

Yes it’s sad but true. The rumours concerning Almond Beach Village Barbados have now been confirmed and the announcement has been made that Almond Beach Village will close at the end of this month (April 2012).


The other two Almond properties in Barbados, Almond Beach Club & Spa on the West coast and Almond Casuarina on the South coast in St Lawrence Gap, will remain open.

A spokesperson for Almond Resorts has said to the press: “The Almond Beach Village property will be closed from April 30, 2012. In order to ensure the least amount of disruption, it is recommended that all guests currently booked at Almond Beach Village after this date contact their tour operator to be relocated to Almond Beach Club & Spa and/or Almond Casuarina Beach Resort in Barbados.”

This Barbados blog / Barbados blogger will be watching for news on all the Almond Resorts in Barbados and posting it here on Barbados Travel Deals.  Alternative luxury Barbados hotels to the Almond Beach Village can be viewed on our website where we have the best Barbados holiday deals on luxury Barbados holidays, hotels and Barbados villas.

Chattel houses in Barbados have such a negative name for us women of the 21st century – even for Emillene Pankhurst i’m sure. However these wooden dwellings peculiar to the island of Barbados are a delightful part of the scenery for me now.

With a chattel house traditionally being a man’s moveable possession (including their wife), it has connotations that pre-date any liberation of woman but they have surpassed that and are simply houses that were traditionally constructed on top of blocks, so that if the owner had to move to another area, then he would literally take his house with him.

That function of ‘moveability’ is still present with Barbados Chattel houses, albeit for an owner of any sex. The distinct and increasingly ornate design developed over time becoming these uniquely attractive, generally brightly coloured smallish houses.  Chattel houses are a delight to see in Barbados.

Contact us for more information about any aspect of Barbados.  We can arrange luxury Barbados holidays as well as private Barbados villas. We can even create Barbados twin centre holidays with the Grenadines.

Do flying fish actually fly? It does kinda look that way as these Barbados flying fish shoot out of the water and glide for thirty metres or more! Wonderful to watch; flying fish in Barbados have become a national emblem and are a big part of the Bajan diet and a regular offering to Barbados tourists. Flying fish cutters (sandwiches) – a must have when on your luxury Barbados holidays.

Of course there is a wealth of variety of fish in Barbados, particularly dolphin, red snapper, barracuda, kingfish and tuna. When on your luxury Barbados holidays prepare to be told a hundred times that dolphin is not ‘Flipper’ – Bajans love telling you this as their dolphin is a lovely (albeit not pretty-looking) fish, not a friendly porpoise.

Watch the Barbados fishermen at work down at Oistins village or up north of Almond Beach Village hotel near Speightstown.

View luxury Barbados holidays and luxury Barbados villas at Barbados Travel Deals.

I think i’ve mentioned Hunte’s Gardens before but hadn’t visited. The wonderful Hunte’s Gardens and Nursery Barbados are at Castle Grant, St. Joseph.  If you’re driving in Barbados, it’s useful to know that Hunte’s Gardens are close to St John’s Parish Church, even though some signs help you. If you are into horticulture, you must do it – a gully transformed into a gorgeous tropical garden charged at $10 US admission including a scrumptious Barbados rum punch.

In the centre of Barbados’ rain forest and feeling like you’re in the middle of a real Caribbean jungle with open spaces to relax in and then into the dark jungle with classical music playing around you.

Hunte’s Gardens & Nursery is an extraordinary experience which is enticing for various animals and birds. A photo opportunity! 

Call the Barbados travel specialists Barbados Travel Deals for more information about Hunte’s Gardens or for any other ideas and suggestions about things to do in Barbados / Barbados excursions / Barbados tours.

Having recently spoken about brunches at The Crane hotel Barbados, i’ve had a couple of requests about how to get to the Crane Resort without simply getting a cab all the way from Holetown.

I would recommend the best way to get to the Crane Hotel Barbados is via the main bus line – I usually recommend the fun Barbados reggae buses – I think it’s the number 27 but just ask.

You want the bus going directly to Oistins to get to the Crane hotel.

At Oistins village, you can easily pick up a cab which will take you right into The Crane Resort.

Alternatively of course, take a bus from Holetown to Bridgetown and connect to a bus to The Crane Barbados.

Enjoy either way, the brunch at the Crane Resort is fabulous and Barbados Travel Deals have the best deals to get you there.

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