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I’ve written about the Barbados Soup Bowl before, the popular world-class surfer’s paradise on the East coast (the Atlantic side) of Barbados. Here’s some more on surfing in Barbados and why go surfing in Barbados.

Barbados is surrounded by a coral reef which controls the swell of the waves making it quite consistent. The breaking waves may have travelled for thousands of miles before hitting Barbados shores because of the island’s position in the Atlantic and so surfing can be enjoyed almost every day. The East coast – home to the Barbados Soup Bowl – is the favourite but the South coast has varying conditions from its west side to its east, with kite-surfing prevalent on the south west coast.

The Northeast trade winds that come from the coast of Africa all year round, keep the island pleasantly cool so that extremes of high temperatures are rare.

Barbados is ideal for the surf enthusiast and makes the perfect surfing holiday combining perfect surfing, perfect beaches, perfect dining and so much more.  Take this to another level and let Barbados Travel Deals secure you luxury accommodation too.  For the best Barbados hotels and private Barbados villas, best Barbados deals, call us now.

Casuarina is now one of the Almond group of hotels / Almond hotels Barbados and as such, offers All-Inclusive. Almond Casuarina It is my favourite of the group and it sits on a small beach on the South Coast in St Lawrence Gap (the quiet end). Other neighbouring Almond hotels of the group are the Almond Beach Village and Almond Beach Club.

The tropical landscaped gardens are stunning at the Almond Casuarina – one of the few places I will actually consider not having to have an Oceanfront room in Barbados.

With three pools and although small, a beautiful strip of beach which offers windsurfing, sailing, kayaking and snorkelling; and a gym and tennis courts. 

Almond Casuarina has three great restaurants and there is a complimentary shuttle which can take you to any of the sister hotels (Almond Beach Village or Almond Beach Club), where you can ‘transfer’ your dining. 

And being in St Lawrence Gap, it’s just a very short walk to a bustling area with more restaurants and live music on tap.

A Very child-friendly hotel, the Almond Casuarina provides the perfect family holiday in Barbados.

Call for an informal chat for more information and advice about the Almond Casuarina with a Barbados specialist on 0845 6434 606 or view more Barbados holidays on our website.

St Lawrence Gap is a road just over a mile long in the south of the island. I think there is some misconception of what St Lawrence Gap ‘The Gap’ offers. Often described as the nightlife centre of Barbados, this would discourage some people wanting a peaceful Barbados holiday and encourage people wanting to party their nights away on their Barbados holiday.

I believe that the truth is that there is something for everyone. I probably fit into the former group as a little past my ‘clubbing’ days, and yet I still love the Reggae Reggae Lounge with its live bands. I also enjoy going for an early evening drink – maybe at Mcbride’s pub/restaurant, or a cocktail at Cafe le Sol (Mexican on corner entrance to The Gap), followed by dinner at the lovely beachfront restaurant Pisces. Plenty of people-watching places.

You don’t have to pay the high restaurant prices by eating from a sidewalk vendor, yummy fried chicken – Bajan style, or fish caught that day or a little place called Scotty’s, offering healthy takeaway Bajan food for easily less than £10. Always good to know that the locals buy from here too so you know you’re not eating tourist style.

It’s now an easy walk along the boardwalk to Accra Beach and other Barbados South hotels and beaches (you used to take your life in your hands walking along the main road). 

Regarding the party centre, it really doesn’t come party-alive until about 11pm, hence my view of ’something for everyone’. It’s a great place to wander for people like me up until midnight when it’s started to get its ‘clubbing’ feel and we getting-olds are ready to go back to our hotel/villa for a nightcap on the terrace.

Stay at Casuarina in St Lawrence (the quiet end of The Gap) for an All Inclusive haven in fabulous grounds.  Ask Barbados Travel Deals for other hotels in The Gap / St Lawrence Gap hotels.  We feature many more luxury Barbados holidays and hotels on our website.

Settler’s Beach Barbados is a Barbados hotel with a difference, or as resort villas where you can have the freedom of a Barbados villa with the amenities that being in a ’shared’ resort/hotel brings, and all within four acres of wonderful landscaped gardens and right on the beach of Barbados.

Spago, although in-house at the Settler’s Beach, is a favourite Italian restaurant for people all over the island. Make sure you’re dressed smart casual.

Settler’s Beach has a lovely pool for those who don’t want sand in their toes.  You are right on the beach and offered basic non-motorised water sports with access to all other water activities from water-skiing and sailing to glass bottomed boats and parasailing, the latter generally having prices per hour.  Also, there are two dive centres within walking distance.

You can borrow complimentary sand toys, snorkels, mask, flippers and vests for adults and for children and floating beds. 

Settler’s Beach is a stone’s throw away from Holetown for restaurants, bars and shopping.

Enquire about availability in Settler’s Beach Barbados by calling 0845 6434 606 and let us arrange your Barbados holidays.

Barbados Whistling Frogs. It was a few Christmases ago that my sister, her family, my hubby and I were playing Family Fortunes and the question for us was ‘things that whistle’ and we both shouted ‘Frogs’!

Those that hadn’t visited Barbados or been on Barbados holidays before found this very funny and (rather ignorantly I thought) took the mickey out of us to a ridiculous extent. The extent being that we both received a ceramic frog and a whistle on our following birthdays.

All this despite explaining the wonderful sound of flutes or pipes, a bit similar to crickets that pervade the night air in Barbados. This song comes from these tiny whistling frogs who give birth to baby frogs not tadpoles.  

Time out at the Gap, a hotel in St Lawrence Gap has a bar named The Whistling Frog which attracts many a local Jazz celebrity musician to provide live entertainment.

You never see these little guys – you just know they’re there…whistling frogs Barbados.  To hear them, book your Barbados holidays with Barbados Travel Deals.  We have an excellent range of luxury Barbados holidays on our Barbados holidays website.  We also offer Grenadines holidays as single of Barbados twin centres.  For true Barbados specialists offering expert Barbados advice, call us now on 0845 6434 606.

“Something for everyone” is the idea at the new Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Barbados, covering ten acres in the heart of Holetown. Over seventy-five luxury retail stores with international brands galore – about half of them currently open – and Barbadian own brands, restaurants and bars and cafes, even a night club and cinemas (not yet open, but coming soon!).

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is all about contemporary high end living.

Some of the new ‘The Grove’ residences, adjacent to the complex, are already up for sale.

Luxury apartments, Penthouse suites and Hillside villas, the latter being available now.

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is a sophisticated uplift for the lovely warm Holetown and is well worth a peek if you are passing by whilst on your Barbados holidays or indeed even a short Barbados excursion or drive if you are taking out a Barbados hire car.

Call Barbados Travel Deals for more information on Limegrove Lifestyle Centre or for information on shopping in Barbados.

I’ve spoken of chicken stew and macaroni pie and of puddin’ and souse as traditional Bajan cuisine. Another big favourite tradition in Barbados is coucou with flying fish. Coucou is like a polenta, usually made out of okras with cornmeal – soft or set – but can be made from breadfruit.

Whilst the Barbados flying fish (yes, they really do look like they’re flying!) are available to tourists all over the island of Barbados, the Barbados locals find them a little more expensive nowadays as they moved towards the warmer waters closer to Trinidad.

As one social commentator has been singing for many years “Trini, Trini, Trini, bring back our coucou and flying fish”.

Try the blackened flying fish for lunch at The Fishpot at Little Good Harbour, in St Peter’s on the West Coast of Barbados for a fine example of Bajan cuisine at its best.

The Little Good Harbour can be booked at Barbados Travel Deals, call us now for an informal chat about Barbados and Barbados holidays.

There is a relatively new addition to the range of Barbados self catering hotels on the island. Beach View hotel Barbados has the added attraction of being in a great location on the Barbados West Coast and is considered an ‘upmarket’ Barbados self catering resort.  The owner, Robin, is very hands-on and welcoming and invites all newcomers to a cocktail party in his ‘wow factor’ beachfront home. With a choice of one, two or three bedroom suites, all with wi-fi and full kitchens, a children’s and an adults pool together with a charming bistro-style cafe, The Hut, offering breakfasts and lunches and even a weekly dinner and run by the lovely Atticus.

The Beach View hotel Barbados is only 5 minutes from Holetown for restaurants and shopping and on a major bus route so it’s very very easy to get there. The location of Beach View hotel Barbados is beautiful, overlooking the beautiful Paynes Bay.

For a view of the Caribbean when staying at the Beach View hotel Barbados, ask for a 3rd floor suite!  The Beach View Hotel isn’t currently featured on our website but we do still have great prices and can check availability for you.  If you are considering Barbados holidays, we do have a fantastic range of luxury Barbados hotels and luxury Barbados villas.

On November 30th 1966, Barbados achieved independence from Britain having been a British colony since the first English settlement in Holetown in 1627. This first Independence ceremony raised the Barbados flag and played the Barbados national anthem for the first time. November 30th became Barbados Independence Day with a national holiday and celebrations running throughout November into December.

Bridgetown is lit up with blue and gold lights (the Barbados colours) – Parliament Buildings, Independence Square and Arch, Bridgetown bridge and the roundabouts on the main highways, all sparkling at night. 

There is a festival of creative arts run throughout November and discovering all the artistic talent in Barbados, a parade and ceremony at The Garrison (a horseracing venue) and usually a firework display in Bay Street, Bridgetown where the Prime Minister attends.

My Barbadian husband remembers making their own fireworks as an older child (very naughty as not ‘allowed’ in Barbados) and lots of bonfires and stew dumplings!

Celebrate Barbados Independence Day by taking your Barbados holidays over this period and enjoy all the fun and festivities that Barbados Independence Day brings.

It may be tricky securing accommodation at such late notice for Barbados Independence Day 2011 (we often get Barbados cancellations so please do check!) but there is plenty of time for Barbados Independence Day 2012, so enquire well ahead and get your Barbados holidays booked well in advance.  View our Barbados luxury hotels and Barbados villas and call us to check availability.

Sunday Times 06/11/11, luxury holidays in Barbados at the Sandpiper Barbados, Coral Reef Club, Fairmont Royal Pavilion and Treasure Beach Barbados.

Great prices at these luxury Barbados hotels and many other luxury Barbados hotels and luxury Barbados villas at  If it’s your first Barbados holiday, we will advise you on the specific luxury Barbados hotels / luxury Barbados resorts according to your needs.

And the glamorous Mustique Island Grenadines, a short hop (on a plane) from Barbados, to stay at the luxurious Cotton House hotel or a luxury villa of your choice – a few fine examples of luxury villas in the Grenadines are shown on Barbados Travel Deals and on with plenty more luxury villas available on request if your specific choice isn’t shown.

Do something different this year. Spend a weeks holiday in Barbados with a further week on an island in the beautiful Grenadines and get the best Barbados deals at Barbados Travel Deals.

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