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Barbados is split into eleven parishes.

St.James parish is positioned halfway up the Barbados west coast. St James Barbados is famous for its white sandy beaches, beautiful still turquoise waters and the luxury St James hotels including the world renowned Sandy Lane hotel St James Barbados.

Many people who go on Barbados holidays or holiday in Barbados will choose to holiday in St James.  St James Barbados makes a great base for a Barbados holiday as there is lots to see and do.

Holetown is its central town where you will find a lovely selection of restaurants and shopping opportunities. February sees the Holetown festival celebrating the landing of the first Settlers in 1627. Here you may discover a large number of stalls and exhibits together with a variety of entertainment each evening and always music and dancing.

Almost all the hotels on Barbados Travel Deals are in the resort of St James Barbados and the reason for this? Well St James comes highly recommended, we know because we’re Barbadian!

Call Barbados Travel Deals now on 0845 6434 606 and ask about our luxury hotels in St James or St James villas. Book your Barbados holidays with the Barbados holiday

One of the big positives about Barbados holidays is the direct flights to Barbados from the UK. 

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fly direct to Barbados from Gatwick daily and Virgin Atlantic flying direct to Barbados from Manchester every Monday.  It makes the journey to Barbados so easy and makes a great start to your Barbados holidays

Barbados also acts as a hub for other Caribbean islands within the South East Caribbean as it has a great inter-island network; for example, to get to Palm Island in the Grenadines, you would fly direct to Barbados and link to a 40/45 min flight to Union Island where you would be collected by boat and subsequently a 10 minute ride to Palm Island. Flying to and around Barbados is made seamless for you.

Ask at Barbados Travel Deals for more information on accessing hideaway islands from Barbados. Enquire about our luxury Barbados hotels or private Barbados villas which cater for couples to large groups. As we only deal in Barbados holidays and the Grenadines we have tremendous knowledge of the island and what’s more, we used to live there so have firsthand experience to share with you!

The wonderful Crop Over festival runs in Barbados each year throughout July to the start of August. Crop Over is held in recognition of the end of the sugarcane season starting with the ceremony of the delivery of the last canes and crowning the King and Queen of the crop.

Get yourselves on a Barbados holiday to join in the Jump-up, an early morning street party held in Bridgetown and close by. 

Note - paint and oil is readily swished around and painted on people so be careful that you’re not wearing your best clothes!

The grand finale is the Grand Kadooment, held on the first Monday of August, a national holiday.  This procession is fabulous – well worth participating in.  Loud calypso music with people dancing and drinking rum and beer.  ’Jump-up’ and ‘wind-up’ with them. This is not restricted to locals if you simply dress up. 

Crop Over is all great fun and makes a wonderfully colourful experience as part of your Barbados holidays.

For more information on Crop Over / the Crop Over festival and specifically Crop Over 2011, visit .  For your Barbados holidays, enquire about flights, hotels and villas in Barbados.  We specialize in luxury Barbados hotels and private Barbados villas.

On my first Barbados holiday many many years ago, I was advised by the Travel Agent that I booked my Barbados holiday with to drink bottled water and to avoid the Barbados tap water.

It wasn’t until I was there that I discovered that Barbados has one of the cleanest water supplies in the world, purified in fact by the Barbados coral making Barbados drinking water / Barbados tap water in fact quite good for you, not to mention palatable.

Barbados is a haven for relaxation and attracts the health conscious, with a plethora of alternative methods of medicine and spiritual retreats in all corners of this wonderful island.

Vaccinations aren’t required for travellers from the UK to Barbados. And even for the tourist, Barbados has a high standard of health care which is easily accessible to all.

For more specific advice relating to Barbados holidays / Barbados travel, please call Barbados Travel Deals on 0845 6434 606 and ask about our latest Barbados deals and exclusive Barbados holidays.

For horse racing enthusiasts, horseracing is taken seriously in Barbados and is mainly held at the Garrison Savannah which is close to Bridgetown Barbados. The Garrison Savannah is named from back in colonial days (1845) when British Regiment Officers were stationed there. For horseracing fans, watch from inside the Garrison Savannah grounds in the Grandstand, Sir John Chandler Stand or the Field Stand.

But at the main events, people like me and local families who aren’t really into the racing like to picnic around the perimeter of the track where the trees provide shade.

Vendors line the area so there are plenty of local traditional dishes to try. Try the fried fish or chicken stew with rice! You can sample the Mount Gay rum or drink the coconut water direct from the coconut.

Ask us at Barbados Travel Deals for the main horseracing events dates that are taking place around the dates you’d like to travel. 2nd May is the Gold Cup in Barbados.  Barbados holidays make a great opportunity to watch horse racing in Barbados and can make a fun day out for all the family. Book your Barbados holidays, whether you plan to stay in luxury Barbados hotels or luxury Barbados villas, the choice is yours and we have the best Barbados deals.

Something new for first time visitors to Barbados  / those on Barbados holidays who are looking for car hire Barbados. The ‘air-conditioned’ car for the leanest budget. I love ‘em! It’s like a lovely convertible, motorised, solid go-cart. It has enough power to get around Barbados even on the main thoroughfares and is just as safe as any small car.

‘Air-conditioned’ in that it is open at the sides. The heavy canvas top can be removed and put in the boot. They’re a fun car for sunshiney weather which of course can be more or less guaranteed weather on Barbados holidays.

In heavy rain, watch out for potholes. I once, rather naively, wore a lilac pants suit for an evening family get-together and arrived with multi-coloured pants, more mud than lilac. Also watch out for cars coming fast in the opposite direction when wet as you will get soaked. Wetsuits are advisable when driving a mini moke in Barbados.

A favourite was a rain-free Barbados holiday ending in an afternoon of torrential rain. We had checked in via the check-in chill-out Virgin service early in the day so our main clothes had gone and we simply had to get ourselves to the airport, dropping the moke off at Barbados airport.

We said our goodbyes under cover and I must admit that despite holiday disregard for rain, was considering how damp we’d be on the plane. But whilst I was saying my last goodbyes, my ever-practical (Bajan) husband nipped into the laundry room and pinched two laundry bags (bin-bags really) and punched holes for head and arms. Hey, I’m not proud. There are always things you’d do on Barbados holidays that you’d never do at home.

We arrived at Barbados airport relatively unscathed and reasonably dry. All fun and we had a great Barbados holiday once again!

For great deals on car hire Barbados and fantasticly priced luxury Barbados holidays and Barbados villas, visit Barbados Travel Deals.

If flying direct from Manchester to Barbados as we do, prepare to queue to go through passport control – unless you’re travelling onto  holiday in the Grenadines where you generally by-pass the crowds. I don’t think I have ever landed in Barbados when there hasn’t been a London flight landed at / close to the same time and so it’s that British queue thing where everyone continues to shuffle forward irrespective of movement at the front of the queue desperate to start their Barbados holidays.

The arrivals hall at Barbados airport however is quite new and is fab compared to what we were used to, and very spacious so you can get away from the claustrophobic shuffling crowds. There are plenty of willing Barbadian bag-handlers if needed (healthy tips welcome!).

And continuing on through Barbados customs is pretty speedy as they have plenty of customs officers on hand.

Outside, most of you may be collected by your particular travel operator but if not, there are plenty of taxis available at all times. Just agree your fare up front – it should be no more than £30 one way to the furthest hotel or resort anywhere in Barbados.  And for the seasoned Barbados traveller, there is even a bus (approx 50p) which passes most Barbados hotels, travelling along the coastal road right up to Speightstown at the north end of the west coast of Barbados.

Ask us at Barbados Travel Deals for any further Barbados information / airport information or in fact anything at all about Barbados.  Barbados Travel Deals specialise in Barbados holidays, not just Barbados hotels, but Barbados villas.  We also specialise in Barbados twin centre holidays with the luxury hotels in the Grenadines.

If you are considering Barbados holidays this year, have you considered St Lawrence Gap Barbados?

St Lawrence Gap Barbados is a mile long stretch of road in Christchurch Barbados. Known as ‘The Gap’, it is well known for its restaurants, shopping, lively nightlife, and various accommodation from lovely hotels to smaller self-catering apartments.

The Gap Barbados is a very relaxed place to wander in the evening and a great place to chill in the evening when on your Barbados holidays. You can dine in the restaurants or simply pick up tasty chicken or a roti (curry-like roll) from a vendor on the roadside. 

‘The Whistling Frog’s’ party nights hold a street party with karaoke and live bands. Many of the best Jazz musicians stay and perform at ‘Time out at the Gap’ which is a luxury hotel in Barbados.

The Reggae Lounge Barbados, a favourite of mine, is an open-air nightclub where you can dance the night away under the stars, surrounded by natural, tropical vegetation. The club offers a wide range of music, from reggae and calypso to mellow music and Rhythm and Blues.

The Ship Inn Barbados, proclaimed as “The Original Pub” is a very English-style pub and has a DJ several nights of the week, along with live bands. This is one of the places to head for if you want to watch a major British football game on the large screen.

McBrides pub and cookhouse Barbados  is the only Irish pub on the island, offering casual dining on a torch-lit deck outside or air-conditioned inside. There are themed nights and it is a great pub for an early cocktail or a meeting place for friends.

Close by the Gap is the Plantation Garden Theatre which stages Bajan Roots and Rhythms, a dinner and stage show presenting flavours of the West Indian culture.

If you wish to have an informal chat about St Lawrence Gap, any other resort in Barbados or perhaps dining in Barbados, just call us.

For the latest availability and best deals on Barbados holidays, call Barbados Travel Deals on 0845 6434 606 or email us.  At Barbados Travel Deals, we specialise in luxury hotels Barbados and luxury villas Barbados.

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